Bohemian Golden Spring

IBF Budweis 2019February 11–16Exhibition ground in České Budějovice

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The Bohemian Golden Spring Awards

The Bohemian Golden Spring is an annual international award for mineral water producers awarded to the winners of the tasting competition. The Bohemian Golden Spring is the only certified tasting competition in this field in the world.

The process of quality assessment is strictly anonymous and under the supervision of renowned certification authorities (Bureau Veritas, TÜV SÜD, 3EC), with the participation of qualified experts and professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad. Participants can nominate their own representative to be a member of the tasting jury. The objectivity of the results is secured by a multi-round evaluation system. The assessed attributes are: freshness, taste and purity.

Awards are traditionally awarded in the following categories:

This prize has been awarded annually for 27 years. The winners are awarded Bohemian Golden / Silver / Bronze Spring at the ceremonial event during the International Beer Festival.

Professional tastings The Bohemian Golden Spring 2018 will take place in Hotel Malý pivovar České Budějovice, February 16th, 2018. .

For professional tasting it is necessary to produce a sample of 5 litres (for each registered brand and type) in glass or plastic, no later than 48 hours before tasting. The fee per each registered sample is 20 €. Payment can be made either in advance by bank transfer or in cash before the tasting. All the fees are free of charge for newly arrived participants.

The winners and medalists will be awarded at the ceremony during the International Beer Festival in České Budějovice, February 17th, 2018.